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Name Kirby, Stanley Morris
Places of residence From Hillsdale, MI
Practiced dentistry in Calcutta and Darjeeling, India
Practiced dentsitry in Hillsdale
Had orthodontic offices in Jackson, Coldwater, Adrian, and Marshall
Education Hillsdale High School 1899
University of Michigan Dental Class of 1902
Occupation Orthodontist
Titles & honors Part of Masons
Hilsdale Rotary Club
Publications Alumni Bulletin 1974 pp. 121
Relationships Married Edith 02/14/1911
Married Wilma Cahow 10/1948
Role Dentist

Associated Records

Image of 0004.0001


Black frame with gold, blue and orange flowers painted on it. Black leather, wooden arms, and metal foot rest. A 1901 advertisement for the chair read: "It's appearance invites confidence of the dental patient. It is embodiment of all that is elegant in dental chair construction."

Image of U-M School of Dentistry- Dental Class Photograph Collection - 0292.1902

U-M School of Dentistry- Dental Class Photograph Collection - 0292.1902

This black-and-white class photo composite shows the University of Michigan Dental Class of 1902. There are 2 women amongst the student portraits. Several of the men are sporting mustaches and/or beards, but they are mostly professors. The portraits are arranged in rows with the individuals' name written along the bottom of their photo. Text reads: "U of M Dental Class 1902". There is a small photo of the dental building at the top, center of the composite.

Image of 0652.0053


This photograph is a copy of a portrait of Stanley Kirby, DDS 1902, at graduation. The original photo is framed in a gray and white, oval matting. He is wearing his cap and gown and is looking beyond they photographer. Writing on the back of the picture reads: "Photo from widow".

Image of 0652.0054


This snapshot depicts Stanley Kirby as an old man. Kirby is seated in a large leather chair with a window behind him. He is holding on to a stack of white papers in one hand a holding a pipe up to his mouth in the other. His hair is white and he is wearing glasses and a suit with a tie. Writing on the back of the photo reads: "Favorite pix of Ms. C___".